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Personal Trainer Leads

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We want to help you to build your Personal Trainer Clientele. To start, you must have an Accredited Personal Trainer Certification. We have complied a list of Accredited Personal Trainer Certifications that are accepted by Personal Training Lead providers: Accredited Personal Trainer Certifications

Secondly, any Personal Trainer or Fitness Trainer needs to have Personal Trainer Liability Insurance. This not only protects you but if an accident were to occur it would help to pay any medical fees. We have a relationship that we strongly recommend to any Personal Trainer looking to build their own clientele: Personal Trainer Liability Insurance

Even though you might have both of the previous two requirements to join the ranks of an independent Personal Trainer you must have a vast knowledge of all Personal Training areas. This can only come to you by working at a studio or at a gym and learning the ropes from the ground up. If you have already done so then you are ahead of many. If you have no experience then it is time to start working at a gym and taking clients brought to you by your gym or training studio. Beginner Personal Trainer Jobs

Build up your collection of Personal Trainer Equipment. If you don't have the right tools then how do you expect to get a client or lead into shape? We suggest using our recommended provider of Personal Trainer Equipment

Personality, Personality, Personality! If you don't have a strong personality then make one up. You are the one that the client is looking to for advice and guidance. We are not telling you to make up health facts and to try "new moves" out with any clients. We are saying that you are in charge of making sure that your client is happy with the service that you are providing them. Try a few pointers on building your Personal Training style: How to Become a Personal Trainer

There are several sites available to you to help you start building your Personal Trainer Clientele. The one that we find to be most beneficial to Personal Trainers that have been involved in Personal Training for more than one year, have an Accredited Personal Training Certification, Personal Trainer Liability Insurance, have equipment. is They offer two ways for Personal Trainers to build their clientele.

The first option is by buying Personal Trainer Leads. They allow you to buy leads on a per lead basis with a minimum order of 10 leads. They charge $30 per lead which is a great deal if you know how to close sales and have the money to pay up front for the leads. You own the leads once you purchase them and if you can close one lead for a package of 20 sessions at $60 then you made a $900 profit. It is a great deal for Personal Training businesses that already have a solid client base and extra income to put towards the leads. Personal Trainer Leads

The second is Joining their Personal Trainer Network. Increase your Client Base with Personal Trainer Clients

Either one that you choose will be beneficial to you in helping to grow your Personal Trainer Business. We wish you the best of luck and welcome and questions or suggestions on our contact page: Contact

Personal Training Leads

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