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Personal Training Leads
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FindMyTrainer uses the Internet to reach out to the millions of Americans who look for products and services on the Web. With the cost-effectiveness of an online storefront, FindMyTrainer is able to bring ready-to-train clients to trainers.

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The FindMyTrainer process:

• Attract Customers
Through our online marketing and advertising potential clients can fill out request forms to obtain a personal trainer in their area.

• Validate Clients
Our forms request specific information from the client to ensure that we are receiving all the necessary information from them to match them with the trainer who best suits their needs.

Sign Client We send you the client to sell the client on our services.

• Schedule and Train Client
All scheduling and program design for FMT clients is decided directly by you as the trainer. You will schedule the client and you will design a program which you feel is suited to their specific needs and goals.

• Get Paid
You retain full ownership of the client and can collect payment directly from them upon rendering services.

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We do the legwork—you get more business.
You are in business to get the job done, not to spend hours hunting for clients. That's where FindMyTrainer can transform your company. We'll find clients for you—and send their information to you to train them!

Time spent searching for a client is time lost training clients.
FindMyTrainer can transform your business. Each client we provide matches your specialization. You set the times and days you are available, there are no membership fees. Let us spend our time marketing and selling clients so you don’t lose any of yours training.


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Personal Training Leads

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